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R.I.P. D.J. Frank Nitty – Gone But Never Forgotten

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Our brother in the music, in the world, and in all-a-dat has passed away. Frank James Burns, a.k.a. ‘Frank Nitty’, left us August 21, 2020 while doing what he loved.

He pre-programmed enough stepping music and ‘Frank Nitty’ playlists to last at least another 20 years, so WFA Radio will continue to air his segment, D.J. Nitty’s Mellow Madness, every day from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. He was a part of the WFA Radio thing from day one, and his playlists JAM!

We are also keeping the station drops he recorded, before he left, in our daily rotation because we like hearing him again. If you miss him like we do, listen to his time slot now and then and raise one for our brother, who left us waaaay too soon. That was our friend.

– D.J. Stevie Lee & ‘Big Sexy’ Carmen

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JazzUSA went dark at the end of 2017, and at the time everyone thought it was permanent. But, because JazzUSA had been up and active for over 21 years, it only took a couple of months for Jazz lovers and artists to convince them that there was some obligation to try and keep all that material online and available to the jazz public.

"This is jazz history!" they said, "You can keep this information alive for almost free, so why not?" they said. So JazzUSA was resurrected as an ARCHIVE. There are no new materials being posted (right now...), but the 21+ years of great reviews and interviews are still available in the JazzUSA archive.