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July 31st Outage Information!

Since WFA Radio moved to a new streaming host over a year ago, we had experienced no down time! That is part of the reason we moved to a new streaming host, we experienced a few (too many!) unplanned outages at our old host that were much too long and out of our control, so we switched. This is the first incident since we moved:

  • We had been online over a year without a hiccup, then we had a total failure and went down for 24 hours, from Friday afternoon July 31st until about 3:00 pm the following day. 
  • Fortunately, the music was all backed up, and once the host got the streaming site back online (13 hours), our staff only took 7 hours to get it all reloaded and rebuilt after the crash. 
  • We are back online 24/7 and looking forward to many more years of jamming for you!

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